Posted by: Paul | March 24, 2009

Website for Blake Haxton

Hello,  I would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has visited this blog to get updates information on Blake Haxton’s condition.  I am compiling all the “comments” that where left and will be sending them to the Haxton.  Steve Haxton, Blake’s Dad, has started a blog of his own updating people on Blake’s condition.  Most of the inforamtion that I have received has been second and third hand.  Though I will now direct you to Steve Haxton’s blog so that you may get update information first hand  

Please understand that I have been honored to pass along the information, but I feel you will be better informed through this new website.  Thank you again for your prayers and comments.  Please continue to pray BIG!!!


In Christ Services,

Paul Chandler



  1. Paul,

    Thank you for keeping us updated.

    God Bless,


  2. Steve/Heather/Blake I didn’t make the connection till I saw the news article. We’ve been praying for all of you. Today we (elders at our church GBC) prayed for you as well. May He give you comfort, peace, encouragement and healing as only He can. We’ll continue to pray. May God’s richest and greatest blessings be yours. 2Cor 1: 3-8

    Harold and Janet Rettstatt

  3. Dear Haxton family-my name is lori fuller.Blakes story sounds all too familiar to me.In december of 2001 I became very ill with what i assumed was the flu,a high fever that would not go away and an excrutiangly painful lump in my right groin and thigh.This went on during the holidays, and because i was so busy i was able to push it away for 2 weeks maybe.ON december 29th 0f 2001 i went to the emergency room and was admitted,i was hooked up to an iv of vancomyacin for 2 days and then i was diagnosed with the necrotising faciitits,,,a surgeon performed a needle biopsy on my thigh and he could extract no fluid from the lump in my thigh .This was new years eve 2001,i was scheduled for surgery on new years day ,january 1, you can well imagine with one stroke of a scalpel my entire life changed ,,as you will see by supporting and being there for Blake.I wanted the entire family to know they are not alone,,i did not lose a limb but the 6 lbs of flesh they cut out of my thigh,,saved my life.saved my leg and destroyed my lymph system,,leaving me with a severe case of lymphedema,I have no way to move fluid through my right leg now so it is always very swollen and full of fluid.Thats my reality Blake will have his own ,,and it will be a rough road ,,,but i do know THAT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.I have also hadskin grafts and rehab to learn how to walk again.I am a living breathing miracle.So is Blake.When i was debrided about 90 percent of those who contracted necrotising faciitis died ,,but now that we are seeing more and more of it,i hope they are learning more,,these super bugs are getting alot more attention from the medical community then they had been .i have tried to educate as m any people as possible about the symptoms,,i even talked to someone from a local news channel,,it just was not urgent enough at the time to get the attention of the public.Blake through being so ill himself has broken that barrier,,and he has saved the lives of those who will follow in our footsteps.I will be praying for you and if you would like to e-mail me and talk about Blake or the nf with someone who knows first hand please feel free to contact me at life bible verse is jeremiha has gotten me through my ordeal and then some.signed lori fuller.

  4. To the enitre Haxson family: I pray for all of you and lift Blake up to our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that Jesus brings comforts all of you during these extremely heart breaking times, but above all I pray for Blake’s well being and recovery.

    God has and does performs miracles and many of us are calling upon Him to perform a miracle now.

    May God Bless you all and may He watch over His child.

  5. Im faithful, but today Blake you’ve fueled my fire to press on. God Bless you! Why not us.

    Much Love
    Pierre M Johnson Jr.

  6. […] Upper Arlington athletic field track. The Lwt and Hwt women will all be doing this in place of a Website for Blake Haxton « Jungle Medic I have heard also that they (the Haxton Family) are aware of the massive prayer support and are […]

  7. Blake – I have just read your story and am impressed by your will to “get on with life” no matter how bumpy the road – I too am a survivor of this killer disease. Prayer certainly made the difference between life and death for me….Every day I thank God for hearing and answering the countless prayers offered on my behalf! Like Lori (above story) I had rehab to re-learn how to walk, and now can because of the intervention of the Great Physician.

    My story is on the national NF website at:

    May God give you daily strength, health and encouragement. Margot Avey

  8. Will be sending you a donation, Blake. I too had NF and my survivor story is on I am so happy you survived and I know how bad this terrible disease is and how it just happens out of nowhere. Best of luck in all you do!

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